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A luxurious and captivating piece of original art...


This beautiful and thought provoking piece is filled with energy and texture. It has had hours and hours of love and effort put into it.


The artwork is a 'nod' to the pollinators of our planet. The busy bees and butterflies etc that help keep our world turning! In fact without the help of the bees in particular, we may cease to exist.


A hidden message within this work (under the drama of a stormy sky) is that sometimes even the smallest thing can make a difference to someone somewhere. That may be a small act of kindness, a smile on the street, or a small thing such as a bee making a difference in the world!


This artwork is painted on canvas and has been framed in a luxury black frame with silver slip inside (The frame is quite heavy and I'm afraid this is indicated in overseas postage costs).


Varnished in a glossy varnish and supplied with a certificate of authenticity.


Canvas Size: 24 x 35.5 x 0.5 inches.

Overall Framed Size: 28 x 41.5 x 1.8 inches.

Every Soul has a Part to Play

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