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This striking artwork shows a 3d hand crafted butterfly emerging from the sunshine following a storm..


It is a very healing artwork with a message that better days will come, no matter what life throws at you.


With watercolour aspects, loose paint effects and thick textures, it really gives a feeling of the calm returning following a turbulent time in nature. There are orbs of sunlight in the top left, hinting at a deeper spiritual dimension being at work always.


Painted with acrylic paints on board and varnished in a glossy high quality artists varnish, this artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity.


The frame is stunning and extra luxurious. Made from real thick wood (double layered) it is black and white in colour, with a slight grain effect to it. There is no glass in most of my framing so the textures can be fully appreciated.



Art Board Size: 16 x 16 inches

Framed Size: 22.25 x 22.25 x 1.6 inches

Finding Hope

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