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These stunning original Artworks have been created onto pebbles.


These are a way to spread joy to someone who is perhaps suffering at the moment, be that illness, loss or just feeling depleted. I thought these gift ideas where a nice way to spread some happiness.


These items are still original art creations and should not be left outside. They make ideal paperweights or simply ornaments.


Each one has been crafted with my usual skills using impasto techniques. The colours are vibrant, they are full of texture and have been varnished in a glossy varnish that has a UV protector in it.


Each pebble comes in a luxury box with a sticker on it and also a crafted note card that has had elements cut out for extra detail.


Please bear in mind when considering my prices that there are extra touches to this gift idea that have also had to be purchased by myself.

Pebble Gift Boxes