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This beautiful, original painting really puts the soul at ease. A calming acrylic painting of a sunset over the sea. In the foreground, flowers and wild grasses sway in the summer's evening breeze...


Created with blending techniques and still some aspects of my slightly thicker paint use, the art will add warmth to any home or office.


Painted with high quality acrylic paints on a deep box canvas, it can simply rest on a nail or wall fitting for a free floating effect.


Varnished and provided with a certificate of authenticity for future provenance.

Return and Refund policy: I offer my customers a two week 'try at home' period. Please return the artwork in perfect condition within this time if you decide the art doesn't suit and I will refund the purchase price. I want you to feel reassured that you can buy my art with confidence.


Size: 12 x 12 x 1.5 inches.

Soothing Sunset #1

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