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This luxury one off creation combines the world of watercolours, sculpture and acrylic disciplines.

Sculpted flowers are firstly created and then the subtle watercolours of the sky are added, before completing with my acrylic painting skills. This art has been inspired following a trip to Northumberland where glorious yellow fields were everywhere. It is special as it is a one of a kind and can never fully be reproduced exactly!

Large, bold and colourful poppies sit proudly against the backdrop of a bright yellow field of rapeseed crops and the sun is a soothing mix of pinks and blues. Three birds soar high on warm currents of summer air in the distance.  In the foreground there is a gorgeous textured bumblebee with intricate detail in the wings. This all makes for a magically healing scene!

All in all the final piece is something bespoke and eye catching. These are slightly smaller versions of my pieces that are making appearances in galleries nationwide so are a wise investment for the serious art collector.

Painted in an olive/sage green on the edges, the deep box canvas is also strung ready for hanging and is provided with a certificate of authenticity for future provenance.

Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 1.5 inches.

Materials: Acrylics/Art sculpting clay on Canvas

Tranquil rest

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