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'Regal Opulence'

£850.00 (Sold out)

Large, luxury, impasto art canvas.

This piece is a large, bold and wealthy looking statement for any home or interior design project. I find great inspiration in the energy of flowers and the wild meadows of England and of the UK overall. I paint in a loose impressionistic style and like the layering of thick bold acrylic paints onto the canvas which is lovingly built up in layers and manipulated with pallet knife, brush and also etched into. I imagine myself as part of the floral scene...lay in the deep flowers and I find this helps me to convey the reality and soul of such a scene through my unique interpretation. This artwork in typical of my exciting style which is exploding into galleries in the UK and is painted on a sturdy canvas for mounting to the wall. The edges of the canvas have been painted in white acrylic which creates an extra modern look.

Dimensions:  39 × 31 × 1.5 in (unframed)

The art is supplied with an original certificate of authenticity.