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artist creating floral fine art paintings, UK
large modern wall art in luxury stylish living room
artist displaying floral fine art in Chester at Chester Arts Fair

Hello there!

My name is Andrew Alan Johnson

I am an exciting and refreshing artist selling my original luxury artworks. I am finding that my artwork is fast becoming the wise investment choice for art lovers worldwide...  


Welcome to Andrew Alan Art...


My name is Andrew Alan Johnson and from about the age of six, I knew I would have a career in the art field. So strong was the pull for me to spend my life being creative that even at this early age my heart and mind were set on it. The joy and energy from painting and drawing and the magical escape though art was like another dimension of life for me - a truly magical realm with no boundaries to express myself!  I  now want to share the magic with you. My journey has quite literally been a colourful one. I chose Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee, as a place to study and it was there that I gained a degree in animation! This however is still echoed in my work regarding colour use and the desire to bring my work 'alive' on the canvas.


I opted to progress my fine art career and so I began to focus on painting full time and instead of continuing my career in Graphic Design.  I felt passionate enough about my work to take that leap of faith.  In particular I paint wild flowers (I find them magical and a witness to a kinder, spiritual realm - I believe it was the Buddha who said that to experience real joy we must contemplate the flower - to be still in it's presence).  I relish painting all kinds of floral pieces. However I also like  to produce landscapes and forest art (nature and its energy influencing subject matter once again). I use mainly acrylics and I enjoy applying the paint in thick layers and manipulating it on the board or canvas.


My unique style of painting is changing the way people think about acrylic paints. I use thick paints mainly that give the look of oils yet acrylics have enough versatility to be diluted like watercolours. I will also hand sculpt and paint 3d flowers, leaves and tree bark to add extra dimension and life to my originals. When seen in real life the  artworks are held in great esteem and many a person who preferred oil paintings has been converted and often see no difference between the two! 

I am an up and coming artist and I am able to benefit my customers when purchasing their original piece. I do this by producing quality, competitively priced and affordable artworks. Each piece of original art comes with a signed and dated certificate of authenticity from myself. 

I am proud to say that I am able to price my artworks at a rate that still does my work justice, whilst also pleasing the people making an original, bespoke investment. I also use the highest quality materials and any framed pieces have been framed professionally using luxury, construction processes.

These are exciting times for me. I have appeared in high society magazines and my work has included large commissions for clients. Having also made sales to Singapore, The USA, France, Canada and Switzerland to name just a few locations internationally and I'm pleased that my work is reaching out to people on a big scale.

I will ship worldwide and I offer FREE postage and packaging to the UK. 

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