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This is a one off original watercolour illustration of a honey bee.


I designed this piece especially as an illustration for greetings cards (the link is below if you would like to purchase for your valentine or for that special birthday etc).


I named the piece 'Hearts and Flowers' because I designed the flower petals to be heart shaped as if the breeze is carrying the hearts away into the world....


This is your chance to own the original design. Supplied with a certificate of authenticity as every piece of my art has for future provenance. The watercolour is un mounted and painted on very high quality watercolour paper that is torn neatly at the edges, adding extra interest to it.


Size of Art: 7.5 x 9.25 inches 


BUY CARDS with this design on here... (Perfect for Valentine's Day etc!)

Hearts and Flowers - Original Watercolor Illustration Art

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