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This listing focuses solely on Art Commissions.


The example shown was a commission piece on an artboard measuring 65cm x 115 cm. It was being sent to France so my client thought it best to send the unframed piece. 


She requested a colour scheme utilising dusky pinks and a lovely sunset sky in the background. The final bespoke artwork was full of textured flowers and extra thickly textured bumblebees. She also requested a hand modelled butterfly in side profile.


I can do the same for you! This piece cost £1,200 including postage to France, but I can work to other budgets also and include framing if you would like that.


Please contact me via my site or by my facebook page or indeed Instagram for more details and a bespoke quotation to your own budget. I have included photos here also showing possible framing ideas of how the finished piece could look in different styles of frame.


there are some close up shots also and a mock up image of the finished item 'in-situ'.



Bespoke Art Commissions

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