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This piece is a celebration of nature, portrayed in heartwarming colours from the early evening glow of the sun. 

(Please Scroll down to read about  Limited Edition Prints of this artwork)


With watercolour aspects, loose paint effects and thick textures, it really sums up a wildflower meadow. There are exciting areas of fine gold and silver coloured detail within this artwork. This artwork also features a cute impasto honeybee hovering above the flowers.


Painted with acrylic paints on board and varnished in a glossy high quality artists varnish, this artwork comes with a certificate of authenticity.


The frame is luxurious, broad and made from wood. It is white in colour, with a slight grain effect. There is no glass in most of my framing so the textures can be fully appreciated.


Art Board size is:  13.75 x 17 inches,

Overall framed size: 19.65 x 22.5 inches.




Option 1:  (Medium Size) Overall Paper Size including white borders to the                    edges: 11.7 x 16.5 inches approx. Price: £65.00

Option 2:  (Smaller Size) Overall Paper Size including white borders to the                    edges: 8.3 x 11.7 inches approx. Price: £45.00


Each one has been professionally scanned from the original artwork by a highly respected printing studio and then printed. These editions from a print run of ONLY 75 per size and design are a Giclée print on 320gsm cotton fine art paper, that is thick and strong. The inks are of the best quality industry standard and I am proud to say they hold true to the colours used in my original creations, they also keep that 3d look from the original impasto artworks.


When purchasing you will receive a Limited Edition that has been hand signed by myself and numbered on the paper too. You will also receive a signed certificate of authenticity that corresponds to the number of your print. The certificate is presented in a luxury black envelope.


Please make your selection from the dropdown menu.

Cosy Evening #1

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